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Current status of
appointed companies
Features of World Class 300 Companies
Sales and exports Market share Ratio of R&D investment Variety of Business
The annual average sales is
185.7 billion won
(about 155 million-dollar),
and the annual average export 112.9 billion won
(about 94 millon-dollar)
These enterprises have
high global market share
with an average
export rate* of 58.4%,
and until now they are still expanding the
market share on the
basis of the
major products
throughout the world
*Ratio of export to scales
With the current average
R&D expenditure
rate* of 7.0%,
these enterprises
continue to expand R&D
investment to
secure future key
*Ratio of R&D expenditure to sales
The business type usually
includes a lot of
field enterprises,
but more various business types are distributed evenly,
including agrifoods,
knowledge services,
textiles, and pharmaceuticals.
Number of companies by year
2011 : 16%, 2012: 19%, 2013 : 18%, 2014 : 30%, 2015 : 17%
Number of companies by year
Year Numbers Ratio
2011 29 16%
2012 35 19%
2013 32 18%
2014 55 30%
2015 30 17%
Total 181 100%